Envitonmental Care

Digital print has always been green; it’s just that the world wasn’t taking notice. We print the exact numbers required, just in time and thereby avoid unnecessary storage – often of out of date material. Paper wastage has been reduced to a minimum and with no films, plates or chemicals required we have always been kinder to the environment.

But we felt the need to do more. So, we have recently installed an Océ 6000 series Gemini digital press, the only Carbon Positive digital press available in the world. In fact, we are committed to offset its lifetime emissions by no less than 200%. We even have a certificate to prove it.

As part of this deal, DPS have also undergone an environmental impact study from everything from recycling to transport issues. This allied to a long standing commitment to using only recycled and FSC certified stocks demonstrates that we are no ‘band wagon jumpers’, just a sensible & ethical company sympathetic towards our planet.

FSC Certified

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